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At FitSimply Marketing we help small businesses with branding, marketing, email, and more.

Gain a competitive edge with a clear message for your customers and company  

Make Lifelong Fans

FitSimply is an Ohio based marketing company helping small businesses increase sales.

Extend your sales team with the customers who already love you

Grow your business

FitSimply is a marketing agency based in Central Ohio.

Reap the rewards of something you’ve poured your heart and soul into

When it Comes to Marketing Are You Unsure of What is Best for Your Business?

Marketing a business can quickly become overwhelming when…

Frustrated with marketing? Hire a local marketing agency that understands how to get you leads.

You can find marketing advice, steps and tricks everywhere but how do you know which things are right for your business and what things will attract the type of clients you actually WANT to work with?

We get it - marketing can feel like you’re playing a game of pin the tail on the donkey

Marketing can feel like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

You think you are doing the right thing by setting aside money to invest in your business but it can be nerve wrecking when it comes time to spend it because there are so many different options to choose from.

We’ve helped businesses and organizations, just like yours, create meaningful marketing strategies that grow their business.

Hear from some of the amazing businesses we work with:

“I was wasting so much time on calls with people who weren’t the type of client I wanted to work with. I came to FitSimply because I wanted my marketing materials to attract my ideal type of client. Now that we have a consistent message implemented on our website and throughout our materials I am talking with clients who are exactly the type we want to work with. FitSimply helped us create a clear message externally but they also helped us establish clarity within our business. Their processes will help you tremendously in every aspect of your business.”
-Brent, Slate Building Group

We are getting multiple leads on a daily basis now that FitSimply Marketing helped us update our website with a clear message and fresh look. Working with them was worth every penny! Whenever we open our web page it just brings so much joy – it is colorful, the wording is easy to understand and helps draw the visitor in to do exactly what we want them to – schedule an appointment!
-Dr.Jeff & Dr. Jessica, Sozo Family Chiropractic

“As owners of Florin Coffee, we were too close to our business and had trouble articulating why someone should buy our coffee. After working with FitSimply Marketing Solutions on our messaging we feel much more confident because we know who we’re talking to and how to position ourselves as the guide. It makes talking about our company much easier and less “salesy,” even though we are being more direct in asking for sales. Which is a pretty cool feeling. :)”
– Hans and Joelle, Florin Coffee

Stop Wasting Time on Marketing That Doesn’t Get You More Business

1. Schedule A Discovery Call

We’ll learn about your organization, discuss your needs and talk about next steps

2. Customize A Marketing Plan

We’ll design a plan that fits your needs and puts you miles ahead of the competition

3. Grow Sales & Create Lifelong Fans

Be confident with your marketing and always have clients to serve

How We Serve Our Clients

Looking for a Central Ohio marketing company? FitSimply is here to help.


What you say is THE most important thing to get right for your organization and often it’s overlooked. We equip our clients with a message that their customers will actually listen to and respond to.

The top marketing companies create unique marketing plans for each client. And that's what we do at Fit Simply.


During each coaching session, we will share best practices and inform on measurement methods that can be put in place so you can gauge effort vs. reward of your investment of time and money toward your marketing efforts.

FitSimply is a Central Ohio marketing company helping increase leads for small businesses.


Words can be your organization’s secret weapon but sometimes when you have the “curse of knowledge” it’s hard to come up with the right words. We develop content around the key questions your audience wants answers to.

Website Development

You should consider your website as your organizations storefront and it should be working for you not against you to turn more visitors into buyers or scheduled appointments.

Looking for a Central Ohio marketing agency? Find the perfect fit with FitSimply Marketing.

Email Marketing

If you have a clients email address, they are expecting you to email them. We help our clients come up with nurturing campaigns that keep your organization top of mind so when they are ready to engage you are there.

Print Materials

Lead generators, brochures, sales sheets, flyers and business cards. Every business has tangible items they hand out or send. We make sure they’re written and designed in a way that keeps your materials out of the trash can.

People want your products and services

But if they can’t find you, they’ll get them from someone else

Marketing tactics that will generate leads while you sleep. Get them from FitSimply Marketing.

Marketing is a full-time job and you already have one - we’re here to help!

Get Your Customers to Listen and Take Action

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out someone who needed your product or services got them from somebody elseWe’ve all been there and know the feeling well, which is why we help businesses do marketing right so they can get the customers they want and turn them into lifelong fans of their products and services.

Our agency has undergone an extensive training process to become Certified StoryBrand Guides. This proven marketing framework is guaranteed to increase engagement among your customers, increase your conversion rates and therefore, grow your business — getting you the results you deserve!

In our book, the good guy wins every time and we believe there shouldn’t be anything standing in the way of people hearing the good news of your products and services.  So go ahead,  schedule your discovery call and confidently do marketing that ensures you always have clients to serve.

Tired of Wondering if Your Marketing is Working?

Now you can know the 4 things you must do to make sure you always have clients to serve!