How We Empowered a Local Coffee Company to

Level Up Their Marketing​

Their marketing coaching sessions provided clarity and strategy to help them confidently DIY their marketing.





When husband and wife team, Hans & Joelle Hochstedler approached us, they had recently completed the StoryBrand Live Workshop—a two-day event we often coach to help business leaders craft the right message and story that gets them more of their ideal customers.

 They had a clear message.

They knew their target audience

  They knew a sales funnel would grow their business

  They were seeking guidance to make sure they were doing it right!

Meaningful Marketing We Deployed

  Review and refresh of their StoryBrand messaging

  Marketing plan to help meet their business goals

  Marketing coaching sessions

  Comprehensive website assessment & digital audit

  Keyword Research

Florin Coffee

A proven Process

That Delivered Results

The team at Florin Coffee took a done-with-you approach for their marketing. They love the creative and design process but sometimes they’re too close to know exactly what they should spend their time on. They purchased multiple coaching packages where we brainstormed together and created a game plan that they could comfortably implement on their own.

Clarity and a plan for how to fully embody a luxury brand through their message and marketing efforts.

Confidently know what to do with their website to get more traffic and convert more visitors to buyers.

Marketing coaching so they could comfortably implement marketing on their own.

Joelle Hochstedler
Joelle Hochstedler
Owner of Florin Coffee

Strategic Coaching Meets

Marketing Therapy

I’m a DIY person at heart and enjoy finding creative solutions to problems. But sometimes, a problem is bouncing around in my head, and I can’t determine the right “problem-solving path” to go down. 

That’s when I call Julie at FitSimply. We talk through messaging, our website, new product ideas, and more. Her questions feel like a blend of coaching and marketing therapy. She prompts me to think more like our customers and understand what they need. 

Plus, I always leave a marketing coaching session with clarity and renewed inspiration for the work we do.

The Results

Florin Coffee continues to opt for Marketing Coaching Sessions because when we meet they receive:

Best practices surrounding copywriting, email marketing, and other niche topics

Guidance with their marketing and renewed inspiration for the work they do

Clarity around how to continue refining their message and brand story

Inspiration when creating and launching new products

See Greater Results

From Your Marketing

We’ve helped hundreds of brands like Florin Coffee create meaningful marketing strategies that grow their business. Schedule a call with us today so you get more of the clients you want to serve!

Sean and Julie Biddle, co-founders of FitSimply Marketing Solutions