How We Helped Slate Land Buyers

speak directly to their target audience

What started as a radio ad project quickly turned into a powerful marketing strategy

Unified Message

High-Performance Website

Cohesive Brand Identity


When Slate Land Buyers first came to us they weren’t seeing the kinds of results they wanted from their marketing efforts:

 Their logo failed to stand out

 Their website struggled to convert qualified leads

 Their messaging was inconsistent and fell flat

 Cold call response rates weren’t optimal

Meaningful Marketing We Deployed

Prod Co Accountants wanted our help writing copy and establishing a sales funnel that resulted in more business, including:

  Messaging strategy & marketing plan

  New logo design and brand standards developed

  Detailed digital audit

  Full website assessment

  Revamped website design built in WordPress

  Keyword and SEO strategy

  Plan for website hosting and maintenance

Google Business Profile setup and optimization

  Website ad designs

  Radio ads

  Narrative video to connect with new clients

  Brand photography guidance and direction

A proven Process

That Delivered Results

If Slate Land Buyers wanted to stand out in a saturated, North Carolina market, they needed to do things differently.

That’s why we made sure they:

Developed an entire brand identity that elevated their business.

Created a video that told their story in a succinct way to engage with new customers.

Brand messaging guide

Constructed a brand message that spoke directly to the clients they wanted to work with.

Radio spot for Slate Land Buyers

Produced radio ads to capture the attention of their ideal audience who is often on the go.

Optimized their Schedule a Call page to easily collect prospect information.

Ensured their website included keywords and content their ideal clients were searching for.

Slate Land Buyers

Implemented marketing tactics that helped them get more of their ideal client.

Chandler Zande
Chandler Zande
Owner of Slate Land Buyers

We're not only getting more leads,

but higher quality leads!

Julie, Sean, and their team have gone above and beyond for me and my business and have assisted us greatly in creating a unified marketing message that aligns with who our ideal clients are. Before working with FitSimply we had a website that didn’t correlate with who we wanted to work with. Simply put, we didn’t have a good grasp on all the modern facets of marketing online.

FitSimply has been able to deploy radio ads, a new website, an updated mailer, a complete overhaul of brand messaging, and an animated video for us this year. We’re not only getting more leads and traffic, but higher quality leads which is crucial for my business.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for FitSimply getting our marketing on track in a cohesive and impactful way. They’ve been fantastic to work with and I look forward to working on additional projects with them in the future.

The Results

Slate Land Buyers surpassed their goals as we helped them:

Attract more of their ideal client!

Leverage their new messaging in marketing tactics to see results!

Utilize their website to generate new leads!

Feel proud of their brand identity and know how to share it to attract their ideal client!

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Julie Biddle, co-founder of FitSimply Marketing Solutions

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