How We Helped This Telecom Company

Re-Launch With One Company Name

The team at FitSimply helped CNI retain the loyalty of their current customers while attracting new ones with a complete website redesign and rebrand.

Unified Communication
Enhanced Brand Identity
Strategic Digital Presence


CNI came to us knowing it was time to relaunch as just one brand in their marketplace. Previously, they were serving multiple audiences using different brand names. As they were sunsetting one of the brands and merging it into their main CNI brand, they wanted to make sure they…

  Developed messaging that re-established their longtime standing in their marketplace

  Retained the loyalty of current customers familiar with the brand they were sunsetting

  Made a splash in their loud tech market so they could attract new customer segments that aligned with the company mission and vision

  Helped their target audience realize all the services they could provide

Meaningful Marketing We Deployed

 A written messaging framework that provides clarity and continuity across all communications

  A one-liner so their entire team is equipped with how to answer the question, “What do you do?” in a way that piques curiosity and solidifies how they can help

  Digital audit and keyword research

  New branding, including icons, custom imagery, and a brand standards guide

  Business cards, sales one pagers & trade show materials

 Animated video to capture attention and build excitement for the relaunch

 Presentation outline and templates

 Digital strategy for consolidating and implementing a new presence that would gain followers and fans

  New digital graphics and copy

 Social content toolkit with 3 months of posts and graphic templates for continuing the digital momentum they wanted to create

 New website redesign that migrated key content pages from existing sites and created new content poised to attract search traffic and more of the clients they want to serve

A proven Process

That Delivered Results

If CNI wanted to ensure a successful rebrand, they needed to be strategic in their approach. That’s why we made sure they:

CNI marketing materials FitSimply Marketing redesigned.

Defined key messages, brand voice, and tone—providing a cohesive narrative that resonated with the company’s target audience.

CNI's rebranding elements designed by FItSimply Marketing.

Created new branding elements that helped modernize CNI’s image, enhance brand recognition, and establish a consistent visual identity across all digital platforms and marketing collateral.

Launched a new website (complete with Google Analytics and Search Console) that established a foundation for customers and internal teams to use in day-to-day sales activities.

Had an animated video that created excitement and showcased the transformation from their old brands to their singular new brand. It also  informed every viewers of ALL the services the new singular brand could provide for them.

Britlynn of CNI
Former Marketing Manager of CNI



FitSimply has proven they are a one stop shop for all things branding and marketing. Their team is consistent, quick, and relatable. Whenever we reach out to you, it feels like we are your only client. I never have to wait for weeks to get an answer.

The Results

Implement more consistent and effective messaging 

Increase brand recognition and credibility with their target audience

Spike website traffic from barely 100 to 1,000+ visitors every month

Deploy repeatable taglines that resonate with employees and customers alike


The Right Way

We’ve helped brands like CNI rebrand their business and develop concise marketing strategies that drive business growth. Considering a relaunch or rebrand of your business? Book a call with us today to know exactly what you need to do to bring clarity and success from your rebrand!

Sean and Julie Biddle, co-founders of FitSimply Marketing Solutions